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C-store and petroleum companies provide us with important infrastructure. You keep everyone on the move. With rising insurance costs and limited market options, you can’t afford to slow down.

The c-store and petroleum industry has been hit hard with labor shortages and rising costs. You deserve control and transparency where you can get it. Accessing the right risk management tools, solutions, and knowledge is essential to running your business efficiently and increase profits.

At Holmes Murphy, we understand claims happen no matter how prepared your business is. That’s why our c-store and petroleum experts partner with you to build a solid foundation of risk management.

Using our proprietary and unique Understanding ART approach, we dig deep into your business and culture to create a custom risk management plan that works for you.

Understanding ART extends beyond coverage gaps and price to Avoid, Reduce, and Transfer our clients’ losses by focusing on your business, your risk management, and your potential. The result is a comprehensive risk management program aimed at helping your business run better instead of just buying typical property casualty insurance.

How Does Understanding ART Help C-Store & Petroleum Risk Management Programs?

Our Understanding ART approach offers tools and assessments to help organizations identify their opportunities for greatest impact in the form of a customized, holistic Impact Plan.

How do we do this?

Risk & Safety

Our Risk & Safety team helps you avoid risk. Losses are never convenient. We know c-store and petroleum companies inside and out. So, we are able to help shape KPIs to increase control, reduce costs, and implement better efficiencies.


With the support of our experienced Claims Management team, Holmes Murphy reduces your risk. We know claims activity drives insurance costs. Our unique approach focuses on human capital and operations. We work with you to improve, problem solve, and keep your business and employees safe.

Insurance Services

We use a variety of services to transfer your risk. We take a customized approach to navigate market conditions for your best property casualty insurance, including alternate workers’ compensation programs, policy checking and investigative cost benefit, and captive insurance.

Fuel Your Possibilities with an Insurance Broker Who Knows You

Since 1999, Holmes Murphy has become the most trusted insurance and risk management expert serving the convenience store and petroleum industry. We understand the nuances of your industry. We aren’t just a normal insurance broker; we are your business partner. To learn more about how we can help your business operate at the highest level, contact us for a personal consultation.

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