Agricultural Equipment Insurance

protecting your equipment has never been easier.

Hail, fire, wind, theft…you name it…physical damage to your agricultural equipment and/or inventory can be devastating. That’s why Holmes Murphy boasts two insurance programs critical for farm/agricultural equipment owners and dealers.

Physical Damage Insurance 

This coverage offers comprehensive physical damage coverage for production farmers, landowners, and hobby farmers for collision/overturn, hail, fire, vandalism, lightning, theft, wind, and flood. This is also available through agricultural financing programs.

  • Customer Benefits
    • Broad coverage protection
    • All brands insured, used or new
    • Premiums guaranteed for lifetime of financing contract
    • Premiums conveniently built into loan payments
  • Coverage Benefits
    • Most homeowner plans don’t cover the following, but we do:
      • Coverage while in transit
      • Coverage for equipment temporarily off premise
      • Coverage for collision

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us for more information or get a quote!

Floor Plan Insurance

This coverage offers comprehensive physical damage coverage specific to agricultural equipment dealers for fire, wind, theft, vandalism, hail, earthquake, and flood. Additionally:

  • It offers physical damage coverage for new and used equipment listed on your Floor Plan statement.
  • Fluctuating premiums based on your month-end statement means you only pay for the coverage needed while eliminating any reporting requirements on your part.
  • Equity is insured. The policy provides coverage up to the net invoice amount of the equipment.

Exact coverage is subject to terms, conditions, and exclusions of policies issued.

Contact us to visit with an expert and yield more confidence and lower worry.

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