• Joe Tiernan Discusses Eric Borden’s Ditch Digger Poem and Mission with AGC Constructor Magazine

    At a time when contractors are doing all they can to attract more millennials and Gen Zers to the industry, using an inspirational poem by Eric Borden, a longtime heavy equipment operator and “The Pasture Poet,” can help immeasurably. Borden’s poem, “Ditch Diggers,” pays homage to the men and women who make up the construction industry and the incredible work they do. It also brings contractors to their feet in appreciation — and a tear to the eye of more than a few high school counselors.

    Holmes Murphy’s Joe Tiernan was recently asked by AGC Constructor Magazine to discuss Eric’s poem and how the two are on a mission together to #ThankADitchDigger. The article is called Poetry in Motion.” Check it out!