Press Release

Holmes Murphy Names John Hurley II President of Property Casualty Brokerage Services

Holmes Murphy announced this week that effective July 1, John Hurley II will be named President of Property Casualty Brokerage Services. Hurley was formerly the Senior Vice President of Property Casualty, and this new title reflects the high-caliber work Hurley has done and will continue to accomplish.

“Last July, John began leading the entire Property Casualty line of Holmes Murphy’s business, including sales and operations in all our locations. His approach has allowed Property Casualty to grow, and we could not be more thrilled to see his innovation bring forth more positive outcomes,” commented Dan Keough, Chairman and CEO Holmes Murphy. “John has embraced his role and has been instrumental in not only developing and implementing a Property Casualty sales process enterprise-wide, but also aligning our deep commitment to understanding client cultures to help determine risk effects on financial outcomes to provide the best service. He’s also expanded the PC leadership team, among many other note-worthy achievements.”

Hurley’s dedication to employees and clients and the positive changes he’s committed to have allowed Property Casualty to reach new levels of success.

Hurley has nearly 30 years of insurance industry experience and has been with Holmes Murphy since he started as an intern in 1990. He currently resides in Waukee, Iowa, with his family.

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