Press Release

Holmes Murphy Combines Omaha Offices to Accommodate Growth

Holmes Murphy & Associates has combined our two Omaha offices into one larger location to accommodate recent company growth. The office of 44 employees will now be located in the Zurich building at 13810 FNB Parkway in Omaha.

“There’s a lot of energy and excitement about the move and what it means for our future in Omaha,” said Beau Reid, Division Leader in Employee Benefits. “Bringing everyone together in the same space will create a more collaborative environment and allow us to better serve our clients.”

Holmes Murphy has experienced significant growth in Omaha since acquiring a brokerage that serves the needs of fraternal organizations last year, adding on the specialization to the existing services of Property Casualty and Employee Benefits. The acquisition resulted in double the number of Omaha team members, requiring a larger space to hold everyone under one roof.

“We are thrilled to be operating alongside our Property Casualty and Employee Benefits colleagues,” said Ned Kirklin, Practice Leader in Fraternal Services. “As we continue to grow in the Omaha area, we look forward to finding additional avenues for increasing efficiency and improving our product in all business areas.”

In addition to our office in Omaha, Holmes Murphy & Associates has a presence in 11 markets across the nation.

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