Press Release

Holmes Murphy Announces New Shareholders

17 employees join Holmes Murphy leadership.

Holmes Murphy is pleased to continue its tradition of being one of the nation’s largest employee-owned-and-controlled insurance brokerages, by welcoming 17 new employee shareholders. Holmes Murphy shareholders help lead the company in its mission to promote health, protect wealth, and deliver peace of mind.

Team members who purchased their first shares include:

  • Dallas, TX
    • Bailey Ballsrud, ACAP Healthworks
    • Beatrice Kuykendall, Employee Benefits
  • Davenport, IA
    • Anna Evans, Employee Benefits
  • Denver, CO
    • Sarah Brown, Surety
  • Houston, TX
    • Travis Brashear, Employee Benefits
  • Minneapolis, MN
    • Bryce Craig, CSDZ
  • Kansas City, MO
    • Tracy Brennan, Employee Benefits
    • Kevin Casey, Employee Benefits
  • Waukee, IA
    • Tim Flattery, Creative Risk Solutions
    • Kristin Geppert, Innovative Captive Strategies
    • Bryson Hammer, Property Casualty
    • Becky Hammond, Employee Benefits
    • Dave Johnson, Innovative Captive Strategies
    • Lori McCarty, Corporate Services
    • Chris Nelson, Corporate Services
    • Ali Payne, ethOs
    • Michelle Weil, ethOs

Shareholders influence the company in a variety of impactful ways, including helping to determine the direction of major company initiatives, growing employees and the company, fostering the unique company culture, and recruiting exceptional employee talent.

About Holmes Murphy

At Holmes Murphy, we pride ourselves on selling “thinking,” not insurance. In a nutshell, we sell the cumulative knowledge and experience that make insurance and businesses work better. It’s a philosophy that’s worked for us since our inception more than 87 years ago. As an independent brokerage, we serve business and industry leaders across the nation in the areas of property casualty insurance, employee benefits, captive insurance, risk management and loss control. For more information on Holmes Murphy, to include specialties, locations and what makes us tick, visit You can also follow us on (@holmesmurphyins) or visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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