Press Release

Holmes Murphy Announces New Shareholders

24 employees join Holmes Murphy leadership

Holmes Murphy is pleased to continue its tradition of being one of the nation’s largest employee-owned-and-controlled insurance brokerages by welcoming 24 new employee employees who made their first purchase of stock. Holmes Murphy shareholders help lead the company in its mission to promote health, protect wealth, and deliver peace of mind.

Team members who purchased their first shares include:

  • Cedar Rapids, IA
    • Lindsay Wagoner, Property Casualty
  • Dallas, TX
    • Bill Magee, Employee Benefits
    • Robyn Mowrey, Employee Benefits
  • Denver, CO
    • Mike Hickey, Employee Benefits
    • Ben Miller, Property Casualty
    • Monica M. Minkel, Property Casualty
  • Grand Cayman
    • Ian Bridges, Global Captive Management
    • Jennifer Reid, Global Captive Management
    • Alanna Trundle, Global Captive Management
  • Minneapolis, MN
    • Justin Pool, CSDZ
    • Colby White, CSDZ
  • Kansas City, MO
    • Shea Bollin, Employee Benefits
    • Zack Harding, Avant Specialty Benefits
  • Waukee, IA
    • Cammy Balekos, Employee Benefits
    • Steve Collins, Innovative Captive Strategies
    • Jeff Craig, Innovative Captive Strategies
    • Joe DuCharme, Information Technology
    • Matt Durham, Innovative Captive Strategies
    • Bo Eaton, Creative Risk Solutions
    • Katie Griffin, Property Casualty
    • Freddie Johnston, Property Casualty
    • Mallory Katzer, Employee Benefits
    • Lisa Parrish, Talent and Culture
    • Dan Reichardt, Innovative Captive Strategies

Shareholders influence the company in a variety of impactful ways, including helping to determine the direction of major company initiatives, growing employees and the company, fostering the unique company culture, and recruiting exceptional employee talent.

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