Press Release

Holmes Murphy Adds to Leadership

Holmes Murphy & Associates is announcing the addition of two new members to our board of directors. Ellen Willadsen, Chief Financial Officer, and Steve McManus, Senior Vice President, join the leadership team, bringing with them years of experience and commitment to the company.

“This announcement comes as we start what is expected to be another great year at Holmes Murphy,” said Dan Keough, Holmes Murphy Chairman and CEO. “Our strong leadership team will continue to guide the work of our employees, creating the collaborative effort we value.”

In addition to joining the board of directors, Willadsen also earned a seat on the Holmes Murphy Executive Committee. Willadsen’s financial stewardship has provided the company with a strong foundation for the future.

“It is an honor to join this group of leaders,” said Willadsen. “I look forward to taking on these new roles and continuing to grow our great company.”

In addition to his leadership work in Des Moines, McManus oversees a significant investment and growth area for the Dallas Property Casualty team.

“This is an exciting new role for me,” said McManus. “Having the opportunity to join this group and provide further insight in the Dallas Property Casualty market will only help grow this sector.”

Holmes Murphy & Associates has a presence in 10 other markets across the nation, in addition to our locations in Des Moines (headquarters) and Dallas.

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