• Cal Beyer Discusses 10 Action Steps That Can Help Prevent Construction Worker Suicides

    During a typical workday, construction workers face a variety of risks to their safety and wellbeing. It simply goes with the territory of working with heavy machinery, working at heights, handling volatile and potentially dangerous chemicals, physically moving heavy loads, and more. Mitigating those risks and promoting the health and safety of workers is why responsible construction firms and project managers will go to great lengths to ensure a culture of safety intended to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities.

    Yet, there is one weight some construction workers carry on the job every day that cannot be seen, but which can compromise health and safety as surely as any of the risks they face operating an excavator, working nights on a highway job, or working high steel. CSDZ VP of Workforce Risk and Worker Wellbeing Cal Beyer takes a look at it and 10 action steps construction organizations can take to build a culture of caring and help reduce the toll of suicides among America’s construction workers. Check out his article titled: “A focus on construction workers’ mental health is a workplace safety essential.”