• Beau Reid Spreads the Word About Main Street Captive

    As the U.S. awaits change in healthcare, many businesses are trying to navigate the current system. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) increased the number of Americans with health insurance, but a fundamental issue still exists for businesses, especially those in small-town, main-street America. Every day, businesses get dumped into community rates, limiting their options to control their spending, or they fall into a size category where they don’t receive any utilization data, they just sit and watch medical trend rates increase year over year.

    To help create a more manageable solution, Holmes Murphy created Main Street, a captive insurance company built by and for the businesses along the main street that the ACA stuck with the bill. Our own Beau Reid, Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits, offers insight about our Main Street captive in an article on page 10 in Captive Insurance Times titled, “A Healthy Option.”