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ACAP Health Selects Scott Schoenvogel to Lead Health Insurance Industry Change

Dallas, TX – September 18, 2018 – Scott Schoenvogel recently joined our Holmes Murphy subsidiary ACAP Health, a leading healthcare and wellness company, as President of SimplePay Health, a new model for healthcare insurance plans designed to make health care simple for employees while reducing costs for employers. SimplePay Health is disrupting the current system and giving employers greater control over rising healthcare costs. Schoenvogel and a veteran SimplePay Health team are passionate about changing our health insurance system, which has become too complicated for consumers and too expensive for employers.

Prior to joining ACAP Health, Schoenvogel was the founder and CEO of Compass PHS. There, he lead and grew the business to over 2,200 corporate clients and 1.5 million members. Schoenvogel’s vision and expertise enabled him to create a pricing system, advanced algorithms, and a new service model to create significant savings and experience opportunities for employers and their employees. A leading visionary in anticipating future healthcare trends, Schoenvogel is the ideal person to join ACAP Health and lead SimplePay Health.

“We are excited to welcome Scott as the president of SimplePay Health,” said Wally Gomaa, CEO, ACAP Health. “Scott brings a high level of experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry. Scott is a national leading expert in healthcare cost containment and his in-depth expertise will be an incredible asset as he leads the continued development and roll out of SimplePay Health.”

Schoenvogel brings 20 years of experience helping employers manage their healthcare expenses, while helping their employees navigate the complicated healthcare system to get the most effective care possible. His years of experience, forward-thinking mentality, and passion will make SimplePay Health a success while providing the fix our health insurance system needs.

Schoenvogel is from Dallas, TX and has worked in Dallas his entire professional career.

About ACAP Health

ACAP Health Consulting is a healthcare consulting firm aligning major healthcare stakeholders including employers, insurers, medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, and others with measurable solutions that lower the cost of healthcare benefits. Our ultimate goal at ACAP Health is to flatten the trajectory of healthcare trend by reversing the production of disease in America. We connect clients with the medical providers and programs that give them the best chance of getting better—in an affordable way.


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