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Equipment Breakdown

Don’t Get Burned by Your Fire & Property Insurance Policy

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  • Closing All Gaps
    Our comprehensive coverage plan will protect you from a myriad of accidents and breakdowns not covered by most fire/property insurance policies.
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    Taking the worry out of coverage gaps for a typical property costs less than you think!
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    Our team is ready to guide you in selecting the right policy and offer valuable tips to prevent equipment loss and maintenance issues.
What is Equipment Breakdown Coverage?

Chances are your fraternal facility is not properly insured for equipment breakdown and may be left exposed to high costs of claims if a loss occurs.

Electrical, mechanical, air conditioning, and production equipment, as well as heating boilers and pressure vessels, are key machinery and equipment.

Accidents and breakdowns that commonly happen to these kinds of devices are not covered by most fire/property insurance policies. In fact, these policies specifically exclude mechanical breakdown, electrical arcing, or damage due to a surge of electrical power or explosion due to centrifugal force.

These are the very types of accidents that have the highest probability of happening to your equipment — and that’s not all. Typical policies do not cover explosion, cracking, or burning (overheating) of steam boilers or pipes. Uninsured gaps like these could mean big losses — and possibly financial disaster.

Equipment Breakdown coverage, previously referred to as Boiler & Machinery coverage, takes the worry out of coverage gaps, and, for typical property, costs less than you think.

What Is Covered in Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Fraternities and Sororities?

In the event of an accident or breakdown to equipment, the following will be covered:

  • Furnace
  • Air conditioning system
  • Electrical system
  • Boilers
  • Telephone systems
  • Fire detection and security systems
  • Communication systems
  • Water heaters/tanks
  • Refrigeration equipment

See Equipment Breakdown Coverage in Action

Example 1: A chapter house’s aluminum electrical supply bus shorted out, severely damaging electrical wires and cables. Members had to be relocated.

  • Property Damage: $118,681
  • Relocation Costs: $72,152
    • Total Loss: $190,833

Example 2: A chapter house’s air conditioning motor breaks down during sweltering temperatures. Ninety-plus degree weather necessitated setting up four rented “spot coolers.” Overtime was required to get the motor back online.

  • Property Damage: $83,557
  • Extra Expense: $16,794
    • Total Loss: $100,351

Example 3: The low-water fuel supply cutoff did not operate in a chapter house’s cast iron heating boiler, resulting in a low-water condition. As a result, the boiler suffered severe overheating with cracking of several sections.

  • Property Damage: $19,750

Example 4: A chapter house’s air conditioning tubes break because of corrosion. Refrigerant leaks into the system and damages it further.

  • Property Damage: $31,108

Example 5: An air conditioner motor suffers winding burnout due to failure of the bearings.

  • Property Damage: $29,000

Example 6: High-voltage underground cable shorts to ground, causing damage to the transformer and cutting off power to the entire chapter house.

  • Property Damage: $59,233
  • Business Income Loss: $6,776
    • Total Loss: $66,009

What Else Is Offered in Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

It also includes:

  • A network of inspectors who will help expedite repairs to get you back online quickly.
  • To minimize expenses, Claim Specialists can help find substitute equipment.
  • To help you operate your equipment efficiently, the insurance carrier offers maintenance information and reference material.

Accidental loss can (and will) happen, thus the necessity for comprehensive Equipment Breakdown coverage. However, proactive maintenance of equipment and proper loss control measures will greatly reduce the likelihood of a loss. This is where our team has the expertise to take preventive measures needed to safeguard your assets.

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