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Mitigate Your Crime Risk

Every fraternal organization faces exposure to crime in its daily operations, but having the proper Crime coverage could significantly diminish these risks. Crime coverage is used to help organizations protect their assets and foster a vigilant mindset.

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What Is Covered in Fraternal Crime Insurance?

Employee Theft

Loss of money resulting directly from the theft committed by an employee or a volunteer of the organization.

Forgery & Alteration

Loss resulting directly from the forgery or alteration of checks, drafts, promissory notes, or similar written promises.

Inside the Premise

Theft of Money and Securities – Loss of money and securities inside the premises or banking premises resulting directly from theft committed by a person present inside such a premises or banking premises and loss resulting directly from disappearance or destruction.

Outside the Premise

Loss of money and securities outside the premises while in the care and custody of a messenger or an armored motor vehicle company resulting directly from theft, disappearance, or destruction.

Computer Fraud

Loss or damage to “money,” “securities,” and “other property” resulting directly from the use of any computer to fraudulently cause a transfer of that property from inside the “premises” or “banking premises” to a person or place outside those “premises.”

Funds Transfer Fraud

Loss of “funds” directly resulting from a “fraudulent instruction” directing a financial institution to transfer, pay, or deliver “funds” from your “transfer account.”

Money Orders & Counterfeit Paper Currency

Loss resulting directly from your having accepted in good faith, in exchange for merchandise, “money or services”:

  • Money orders issued by any post office, express company, or bank that are not paid upon presentations; or
  • “Counterfeit money” that is acquired during the regular course of business. Simple financial management best practices can help prevent losses, but insurance coverage will give you peace of mind.

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