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    What do I do if a property loss is sustained at my chapter?

    1. Notify the fire and emergency services and obtain medical attention for any injured parties. Notify the local police if any laws have been broken.
    2. Obtain temporary housing for any displaced residents of the fraternity. Your insurance contract should provide coverage for this cost if you purchased loss of rents and extra expense protection. Keep records and receipts of expenses for your claim.
    3. Do what is reasonable and necessary to protect covered property from further damage (for example: hire contractors to board up windows, clean up standing water, put tarp over a hole in the roof, and, overall, mitigate your losses).

    Protecting the facility from further damage is a requirement of most property insurance policies, and reasonable expenses incurred are covered by the policy. Keep accurate records of expenses. ServiceMaster Recovery Management offers dedicated recovery and restoration services through a partnership with FPMA. Call (800) 776.6710 for assistance when damage occurs.

    4.   Notify your insurance agent about the loss as soon as possible. When reporting a loss, the following information is needed:

    • Insurance policy number
    • Date and time of loss
    • Type and location of loss
    • Estimated extent of damage
    • Name and number of local contact

    5.  If feasible, separate damaged from undamaged property and make inventory of the damaged items. Additionally, take photos of the damaged property once the facility and general area is secured and close proximity is feasible. If you have receipts for the original purchases of the damaged items, include them with the inventory list.

    6.  Cooperate with the insurance adjuster in the investigation and settlement of the claim.

    For further information or questions regarding property loss and claim information, contact Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice by phone (800) 736.4327, ext. 4194 OR(402) 953.6393 or (402) 206.3478 after the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT; or email us at fraternityclaims@holmesmurphy.com.

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