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    What do I do if an incident occurs at my chapter?

    1. Notify the fire and emergency services and obtain medical attention for any injured parties. Notify the local police if any laws have been broken.
    2. Contact your inter/national headquarters, campus Fraternity/Sorority advisor, and Holmes Murphy Claim staff to report the incident.
    3. Implement your chapter’s crisis management plan if necessary.
    4. Cooperate with the headquarters and university staff as well as any authorities during the investigation.

    For further information or questions regarding claim information, contact Holmes Murphy at (800) 736.4327, ext. 5500 or (402) 206.3478 after the hours of 8 a.m. to 5p.m. CT.

    Claim Team members include:

    Cassie Sherry, Claims Service Consultant
    Ext. 5500

    Tim Regan, AVP Claims
    Ext. 4194