• Iowa Employment Fall Conference

    Event Schedule

    October 20, 2021

    Since 2006, the Iowa Employment Conference has been a source for classroom instruction covering topics in the areas of employment, training, benefits & wellness education. The mission of the Iowa Employment Conference is to deliver affordable conferences that provide the opportunity to develop professionally.

    Join ethOs President Ali Payne and Holmes Murphy Account Executive Nataliya Boychenko Stone on October 20, 2021. Register today!

    They will be covering:

    • How to use concepts to drive employee engagement by using wellbeing as a catalyst for empowering and retaining talent. Wellbeing encompasses all the things that are important to each of us and how we experience our lives. The fact is, the whole employee comes to work, and when your employees are thriving, your organization directly benefits.
    • The future of great workplaces lies in helping employees fuse their personal and professional lives in ways that position them to deliver their best work. Employees are looking to employers to provide resources in all aspects of their lives, creating a big opportunity for employers to increase engagement, culture, and loyalty.