don’t be average. be awesome!

Are you a business professional looking to press play on your career, make a difference in the lives of others, and do it while working with a group of peers? If so, the Brainery may be for you!

The Brainery allows you to jump start your full-time career in the complex yet rewarding insurance industry. During the 8-week development program, we’ll give you the tools to simplify the learning experience. Then you’ll launch into an area of our business with the opportunity to contribute value and impact the lives of others. If you’re willing to learn, grow, and develop — as a leader and a professional — you will undoubtedly accelerate your career with the Brainery. Not only that, but you’ll learn alongside other difference-making peers and build a community of support to last your entire career.

What does it take?

Our most successful Brainery applicants are:

  • Curious, innovative, and energetic
  • Involved, entrepreneurial leaders
  • Communicators and relationship builders
  • Problem solvers

If this sounds like you, be sure to check out our Careers page for the latest openings!


Your talent + ambition could equal Holmes Murphy shareholder status! Yep, at Holmes Murphy, guess who determines the direction of our future? Our employees do! We’re employee-owned and are proud to stay that way. Our top performers help shape the future of Holmes Murphy. You could, too!