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You have a great work environment…but what about your culture?

Ali Payne
Ali Payne
President, ethOs

If I were to ask you what the key driver is to having a workplace with a high level of employee engagement, would you know how to answer? I ask this question to companies a lot, and the answers are never really all that surprising to me. I usually get one of two answers — the working environment is amazing (new building, technology, tools, etc.) or the benefits offered are great. Taking it a bit further, historically, organizations have offered perks to drive employee engagement. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, employees often love the perks. However, not all perks are created equal…and they can only last for so long.

For example: I’ve had companies in the past tell me they offer their employees free breakfast and lunch (sometimes even dinner!) at work. That sounds like a great idea, right?! Well…maybe not. It just “might” come off to the employee that their employer has another goal in mind — to keep them working (early and late). Here’s a hint. Employees catch on to these tactics pretty quickly. And regardless of whether that’s the true intention of the perk, it can easily be read that way.

So, back to the original question…what drives employee engagement? The answer is this — it’s a domino effect starting with leadership. Creating thriving employees is one of the most important ways to increase employee engagement, and it starts with your culture. Your culture starts with your leadership team and the communications and relationships your leaders build with your talent. Again, culture is not your environment, and your environment is not your culture.

Culture is very important to us at Holmes Murphy, and we recognize many organizations are also trying to figure how to improve, maintain, or measure their culture and employee engagement. This brings a smile to my face. What a great way to engage and focus on your most important asset — your people!

I recently joined Holmes Murphy as the Practice Leader for Organizational Wellbeing. This is a new offering at Holmes Murphy that’s focused on people first — attracting, retaining, and engaging them through a holistic approach that looks at the whole person. I’d love to talk with you if this is something you’re interested in or just simply have questions about. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I’ll also be contributing more blogs about this very topic. So, don’t forget to check back in.

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