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Who’s to Blame for Increased Auto Premiums? Hint: It May be the Person in the Mirror.

Joe DeLuca
Joe DeLuca
Property Casualty

When you receive a bill each year for your family’s automobile insurance, do you think “Oh my gosh, why did it go up again?!” I won’t be shocked if your answer is, “Yes!”

Although vehicles depreciate in value and the cost to repair or replace vehicles is less expensive as they get older, it’s not always the vehicles that are driving those premiums. It might…just might…be the person behind the wheel. I’ll give you an easy two-word explanation why — distracted driving!

Distracted driving is the No. 1 cause of automobile accidents in the U.S., and yes, those accidents drive your premiums up. And while I’m sure you know what to do to stop from being a distracted driver, I still want to reiterate some helpful tips to avoid accidents while on the roads.

  • DON’T text and drive…ever! No text is worth your life or the lives of those around you. It has been found that a driver who is texting while driving is equal to or worse than a person driving under the influence. Think about it. If you’re texting, your eyes are not even on the road.
  • If your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth built in to the car, pull over to a safe location to answer texts or calls if you must. Even trying to answer with a Bluetooth ear piece can distract you long enough to cause a wreck.
  • Ladies, please do your hair and make-up at home.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. They always say the best offense is a good defense.
    • Check your mirrors before merging.
    • Be conscience of road conditions.
    • Follow road work signs as soon as you see them.
    • If you see a distracted driver, keep your distance from them, even if it means falling back.

And I don’t want to end this blog without saying that even though the school year is almost half way through, please remember to watch out for school busses and follow the laws to the letter.

  • When the yellow lights start to flash, slow down.
  • When the Stop arm is out and the red lights are flashing, please stop.
  • You may pass/continue on when the lights are no longer flashing and the Stop arm is retracted.

Let’s help keep each other and our children safe. And, happy holidays from our families to yours.

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