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When You Need Surety Credit, Your Story Matters

Who is telling your story? Surety credit and other aspects of your business requires other people to advocate for you. Holmes Murphy Sr. Vice President, Surety Josh Loftis shares more.
Josh Loftis
Josh Loftis
Sr. Vice President, Surety

No one tells our story better than ourselves. However, we often empower others to tell our story on our behalf. This often occurs informally in social settings, when a person asks for permission to tell a particular story about you or a situation (hopefully it’s a good one). If you trust the person, permission is granted with confidence that the other individual knows you and the story well enough to do it justice.

This also occurs in commerce as certain market structures require that someone else tells your story and advocate for you, but the stakes are much higher than getting a good laugh. If your business requires surety credit to operate, who is telling your story and are they doing it well?

Trust Is the Foundation of Your Surety Credit Story

The question of who tells your story emphasizes the age-old importance of relationships in surety. The market requires that someone else at least participates in making a case for why you can be trusted with surety credit.

So, how do you trust and empower someone else to tell your story?

Trust and empowerment requires time, engagement, competency, knowledge, experience, and a nuanced understanding of the audience. Like all relationships, it is important to be intentional and avoid complacency. Transparency creates the viscosity required to keep pace with what your business requires. Establishing and maintaining strong relationships is a great way to make sure the right people are telling your story.

As your business evolves, the question of how your story is told becomes even more important. Steak dinners and rounds of golf are not as effective as they may have been historically. The business moves quickly, and favorable outcomes require more data and information than ever before. In a historically personality driven business, you could emphasize, and even separate, the who from the how. That is no longer the case. In many cases, the how will determine who is best suited to tell your story. As businesses grow and evolve, the how often requires the who to be a complementary team rather than an individual.

Do you have a relationship that’s strong enough to be trusted with the story that could unlock surety credit for your business? If no one comes to mind, it’s time to reevaluate your relationships. If a particular person or team has potential, make sure you’re nurturing that relationship to build the trust needed to tell your story when surety credit depends on it.

Tell Your Story With Experts Who Care

There is something special about someone else telling your story. I am always grateful when someone cares enough to want to tell my story – it demonstrates a depth of relationship and understanding that is meaningful. It’s an honor to be trusted to tell another’s story. It enhances the validity and significance of the story itself.

Hopefully, who should help tell your story is obvious to you, but how your story is told may be less evident. It is important to understand how your story is being told, and to ensure the how is in alignment with what is required to illustrate why surety credit is right for you.

If you’re looking for a surety partner who can tell your story with intention and trust, Holmes Murphy is here to help. We’re committed to caring for your unique potential, and our surety experts will help you navigate the industry with strategic insight and care. Reach out today and let’s start a conversation!

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