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What Is the Sound of Progress?

Erin Osier
Erin Osier
Vice President, Enterprise Placement, PC

Holmes Murphy is dedicated to advancement. We aren’t satisfied with the status quo. “Caring for Your Unique Potential is Our Soul Purpose” means that regardless of whether you’re an employee in the midst of career development, you’re an insurance carrier partner we’re collaborating with, or you’re a client we’re jointly working with to improve your risk management, our purpose is to drive positive change.

One of the many ways we do this is by exploring insurtech solutions through our partnership with BrokerTech Ventures (BTV).

Today, an internal Holmes Murphy team made up of cross functional roles and expertise (think claims, loss control, service, sales, property casualty, employee benefits, etc.) is evaluating potential insurtech solutions in an effort to identify risks sooner for clients to drive down costs faster.

The ideas and solutions run the gamut — all with the goal in mind of helping you achieve success. Here is a list of several of the solutions our team is working on right now:

  • Data aggregation and management
  • Benchmarking
  • Improving the insurance buying transaction
  • Employee wearable devices to monitor and maintain working conditions to protect your employees
  • Telemedicine support
  • Client portal (an online, 24/7 way for you to access your own policies, loss runs, and submit change requests)
  • Self-service certificate management
  • A digitized insurance application so you don’t have answer the same question twice on two different forms
  • Analytics of claim history to identify trends and areas to invest in prevention
  • Technology to integrate with existing security systems to immediately identify and report a spill on the floor, an early warning to prevent a fall, or a notification to authorities of a break-in

And the list goes on.

Changing the way we do our jobs can be scary. Piloting a technology to see if it in fact improves workflows for not just our internal teams but you, our clients, takes time. Testing a digital insurance submission platform with both clients and carriers — changing how we interact together — is frightening.

When those scary thoughts creep in about trying something new or making changes, I remind myself of this, “the way we work today, is not how we will work in the future.” I know this because there is a sound to progress. Sounds can transport us to the past.

Who remembers the sound of the typewriter moving to the next line, pages over the intercom announcing you have a “call on line 2,” an incoming fax being printed on that curly paper, or dialing your computer into the internet? All of them are sounds of the past.

Is testing and adopting new technology scary? Absolutely. But we are so excited to be on the forefront of all of this change. Holmes Murphy is celebrating our 90th anniversary this year. We haven’t reached this milestone without constant advancement in our expertise and capabilities, and we hope you see that from us as we all work to collectively advance your success!

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