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What Does Computer Science and Tap Shoes Have in Common?

Terri Jensen
Terri Jensen
Holmes Murphy Corporate

Have I piqued your interest? Computer science and tap shoes…one would think they have nothing in common. But, that’s just not true.

I studied computer science and dance in college. When interviewing for jobs, I was always asked about this dichotomy of interests. My canned response was that this made me a well-rounded person. I’m able to use both logic and creativity in the business environment. Back then, I recited my response. Today, I truly believe it.

There are so many opportunities to be creative in the workplace.

Creativity Keeps Loyal and Engaged Customers

Today’s business leaders face a multitude of challenges. How can you better connect with and extend value to your customers? How do you engage multi-generational employees? How do you stay relevant as a leader or organization?

Look to your employees for creative solutions! Surround yourself with staff who drive you to look at things from a different perspective. Keep asking questions and throwing out crazy ideas. You never know when one might stick.

According to Tony Proctor, Professor of Marketing at Chester University College Business School, creative people are able to challenge the status quo, confront assumptions, investigate new possibilities, think visually, see possibilities in the seemingly impossible, and adapt to changing circumstances.

These individuals strive to bridge the gap between the realities of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

I use logic and creativity every day in the information technology (IT) field. IT often provides the ability to bring creative ideas to fruition. It bridges the gap between the seemingly impossible and the possible. Most importantly, it allows the business to focus on the important and minimize the mundane.

I’ve seen magic happen when a diverse team comes together to effectively implement a creative idea. The combination of logic and creativity, ideas and action, and experience and enthusiasm enhances the desired outcome while developing a strong bond of team members.

In every business, there will continue to be new challenges coming at an accelerated pace. It can be difficult to keep up on everything and everyone related to your business. Putting trust in your staff and business partners to help find creative solutions can be liberating and inspiring. Business would be boring if only logic came into play.

So, while I’m not suggesting you need to enroll in the next dance class in your community…I’m simply saying this: Don’t forget to mix creativity into your work. It adds a spark to your day and keeps loyal and engaged customers at your door. Would you agree?

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