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What a Simple Conversation at the Airport Led to…

Lori Hart, PhD
Lori Hart, PhD
Director of Educational Initiatives

People either like to travel or they don’t. I love it. Being away from family is sometimes hard, but my husband and kids all play a role in my success and I am eternally grateful for their support! Also, pulling in your driveway after a trip always warms my heart and makes me a better partner and parent.

BUT, I do hate weekend travel. A lot. Last year, I was sitting on Concourse C of the Atlanta airport on a Saturday morning staring at a Chick-Fil-A biscuit. An overly nice person next to me introduced herself as “Sweet Joy.” Her name sums up her attitude…the nicest person I have ever met. There was absolutely no way I was as kind as she was in that moment (or maybe ever), but she ended up telling me her husband was Frans Johansson, author of “The Medici Effect.” I knew the name and I knew the book, but I started digging into his work as a result of my time with Sweet Joy.

In his books and his online presence, Johansson discusses the “intersection” — the place that ideas from different industries and cultures collide to create innovation.  He said (and I now regularly quote him): “All new ideas are a combination of old ideas.”

My Saturday morning conversation helped me realize I can be nicer in the airport (or anywhere). Frans Johansson introduced me to a simple idea and from that idea Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice rolled out the Prevention Programming Calendar for our clients. It was an old idea I had used in my work years ago, but it is a new idea for the clients. And the intersection really occurred when our Holmes Murphy Fraternal Education Consultant Bobbi Larsen and I were able to find all of the amazing resources out there — in a hundred different places. Our job was to put this into one resource…to make it intersect.

Regardless of who you are, at our Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice, we believe everyone can make an impact through the lens of safety, prevention, and education. In this calendar, you will find information about health and safety observances throughout the year and resources that can help guide your programming efforts. You will note many “outside-the-box” resources, and we hope this will help you plan differently and more effectively with the themes of kindness (thank you Sweet Joy!) and inclusion at the core of your work.

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