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Walking the Walk and Leaving Good Footprints Along the Way

Terri Jensen
Terri Jensen
Holmes Murphy Corporate

In October, I participated in an activity that impacted me greatly. Friends and family met in Philadelphia to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® walk to raise funds to end breast cancer. Each person walked 60 miles in three days after raising funds for the cause. I had trained for months for this and felt prepared to walk through Philly. And then it happened.

I was physically prepared, but this event is so much more than a physical challenge. The 750 walkers, 100 support crew members, and multitudes of “walker stalkers” reminded me of the impact cancer has on people’s lives. The people I met and the stories I heard certainly made me count my blessings and walk with determination. The collective strength radiating from this group was inspirational. I came to the walk feeling confident and unstoppable. I finished the walk humbled and filled with gratitude.

One of our Holmes Murphy aspirations is to Leave Good Footprints at work and in our community. We’re encouraged to lend a helping hand at work and to volunteer where and when we can. We’re asked to give to others. I believe deeply in this aspiration, but I think it only provides half the story. We aren’t just leaving something behind, we’re gathering as we give. Volunteering time, energy, and efforts in your community can provide a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. We collect memories and inspiration along the way. It’s sharing a walk with those we serve.

As the holiday season begins, I encourage you to Leave Good Footprints. Find volunteer activities that are meaningful to you that can make a difference in your community. Go into that activity feeling confident and unstoppable. But be prepared to be humbled, because you will not simply leave an impression, you will share a moment that may impact you deeply. Leaving Good Footprints is important, but walking with those we serve is far more rewarding.

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