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‘Tis the Season for Learning

Travis Dent
Travis Dent
Sr. Vice President, Employee Benefits

In my mind, it’s spring. We’re just getting out of the lull of the winter months and should be gearing up for things like baseball and spring break. However, on my calendar (and, subsequently, on the thermometer in my car), it’s summer. Full on, long day, crazy heat…summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer. Family barbecues, the 4th of July, swimming, watermelon — the whole season is one of my favorites. That said, I just wasn’t prepared for the year to fly by so quickly. Raising young kids and being very active in my career, I think I’m just in the season of my life made up of long days and short years…something I’m going to have to accept.

Aside from the obvious temperature change being an indication of this rapidly progressing year, I’ve got another reminder…interns! Our company recently welcomed this year’s group of interns…pictured here:

We also welcomed the fourth class of our Brainery program.

Unique to Holmes Murphy, we have two channels to attract young talent into our organization. The first is through the previously mentioned internship program where we’re fortunate to have talented individuals referred to us through various channels— ranging from key University partnerships to friends and family of our clients. The second pipeline for talent is our Brainery program, which is an evolution of the traditional “group school” model that gives recent college graduates and young professionals a springboard into our industry, while training them on some core fundamentals of the business.

While not unique to hiring young talent, I am proud of how Holmes Murphy is spending our time with these individuals. Gone are the days of lording over lengthy print jobs or organizing archaic filing cabinets. The complete opposite is happening, in fact, as we have our teams plugging the interns into strategy and finance meetings with key customers. In addition, we have a “Holmie” assigned to each intern and Brainery participant, alike, to help guide them through the organization and give direct feedback about the role, the work, and the culture of our company. While still early, the results up to this point have been outstanding. We have incredible talent engaging with our existing “incredible talent” and working to serve our clients. Further, we have empowered an entirely new group of energetic employees and are all benefiting from their enthusiasm and ideas.

More to follow, but I’m bullish on where we’re going and who we’re going there with. There’s No Place Like Holmes!

Now, I’ve got to run and get the interns some coffee, as I’ll shortly be reporting to one of them.

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