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Think Like a Kid and Move Big Rocks

How did one errand inspire Holmes Murphy Vice President, Brokerage Services Reed McManigal? Reed shares in this article.
Reed McManigal
Reed McManigal
Vice President, Brokerage Services

I brought my kids along to get our car washed recently. It was a routine and uneventful errand until my seven-year-old son saw a rock. The rock was as uneventful and routine as the errand was, but my son saw something different. With excitement, he ran over to it. Do you ever notice how kids never seem to walk places? They’re always jogging or running. In this case, he jogged over to the rock and promptly decided to try to pick it up. Why? No reason — he just wanted to see if he could do it.

Unfortunately for his seven-year-old muscles, it was a no-go. The rock was too big and heavy. After a half dozen tries, he called it quits. He jogged back to us with a progress report. Without a hint of disappointment, he shared he couldn’t move the rock today, but thought he might be able to when he turns eight. In other words, he planned to achieve superhuman strength by November of this year.

There’s something special about being a kid and believing in yourself. For some reason, this moment stuck with me. As I reflected on his experience, I considered his mindset and how we can apply it to our professional lives. 

Reed McManigal's son pushing a large garden rock.
My son vs. the rock

Don’t Stop Believing You Can Overcome Ostacles

When we’re young, we believe we can do anything and everything. At my son’s age, his capabilities feel endless, his outlook is optimistic, and his drive to try new things injects energy into everyday life. 

I remember feeling like this. Time and experience replace these feelings. As we become more efficient, consistent, and wiser (well, a little wiser), I find myself wishing I still had the perspective and attitude of a seven-year-old.

I wish failure wasn’t a deterrent from trying new things. I wish I was so excited that I jogged instead of walked places. I wish I noticed more random rocks. I wish that I wished more.

Most of us could use a little more fearlessness and ambition in our professional lives. Of course, we need to balance these attributes with practicality and realism, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and move the ‘big rocks’ in our own lives.

So, instead of automatically considering why an idea won’t work, what if we believed it could? When you think about the big rocks in your line of work — the obstacles preventing you from moving forward or innovating — how can you change your perspective? For a seven-year-old, it’s as simple as turning eight. Your solution might not be as straightforward, but it might not be as hard as you think.

Take the Next Step Into Your Future

Sometimes, all we need is a reminder that we’re still as creative and capable as we were when we were kids. For me, the reminder was seeing my son take on a big rock. What are your big rocks? What inspires you to move them?

I’m fortunate to work with a great team and clients who help me approach new challenges. Whether you’re looking for a new career or a business partner who cares for your unique potential, the team at Holmes Murphy is here for you. Reach out today and let’s start a conversation!

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