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There’s No Place like Holmes; There’s No Place Like Holmes; There’s REALLY No Place Like Holmes!

Heidi Buttolph
Heidi Buttolph
Business Development Consultant, Organizational Engagement

Do you ever stop to think about how lucky you are? How lucky are you to be working for a rock star company? How lucky are you to be surrounded by smart and ambitious leaders who challenge you to be better every day? How lucky are you to be going on a company-paid trip to Orlando? Yes, it’s true. Holmes Murphy employees are going to Orlando in a few months!

I often think about how lucky I am and feel fortunate to call Holmes Murphy my home. I’m thrilled to work with great people who I also consider great friends. And because of these ambitious people — Holmes Murphy’s difference makers — we’ve surpassed our 2015 goals and are heading to Orlando in April. While in Orlando, we’ll CELEBRATE our accomplishments with 600+ of our closest friends and further deepen the roots of our culture.

When you think about it, culture includes things that happen when nobody is telling us what to do. It’s what we do when no one is watching. Holmes Murphy’s culture links back to our founders, Max Holmes and Ray Murphy, who created a culture of customer focus, teamwork, innovation and integrity that’s endured for more than 84 years.

Our unique culture is our strategic advantage and it’s what makes us tick. It helps us recruit top talent, develop high performing leaders, drive innovation and perpetuate our fierce independence and employee-owned model to create the best customer experience.

We have embraced a “pay it forward” culture that’s existed through four generations of leadership. And as I look at the picture of Ray Murphy on our “What Up Holmes?” blog photo header, I can only imagine he’s having a conversation with Max Holmes and smiling with great pride at what’s been paid forward to today and where it will take us in the future.

We take great pride in being part of the company they started . . . and would be happy to share with you why “There’s Really No Place Like Holmes!”

So, what else would you like to learn about Holmes Murphy and our culture? I’m sure we have hundreds of stories we could share! Ask below, and we’ll give you the scoop on what we do, how we do it and why we love the company we work for!

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