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The Value in an Hour of Presence

Susan Hatten
Susan Hatten
Chief Marketing Officer

We’ve survived the holiday season, and now peek into the days and weeks of this new year ahead of us. Whether you’re a goal-oriented resolution setter, have big plans to create a new filing system for your email inbox, or simply look forward to a spring break in the sunshine, we all have to find what works to personally motivate us to reach these milestones. And, we all have the same 24 hours, each and every day.

One of my dearest mentors once challenged me to ask myself, “What is the value of an hour of your time?” whenever you’re making decisions about how and where to spend your time. I’ve taken this snippet of wisdom with me, and perhaps remain more cognizant of this more than ever, during and after the holiday season.

Being more aware of each hour of my time also allows me to prioritize and allocate time so that I’m more prepared and focused in a state of presence. This concept of the presence we offer one another — as a state of mind, bringing balance and wellbeing — may be the greatest gift you give yourself as you drive toward your resolutions and goals.

Several years ago, my family made a collective decision to move further away from purchasing many gifts and “things” for one another during any holiday, birthday, or celebration. We moved more toward the sharing of presence, an experience, with one another. This family decision has been one I’m most grateful for, and even more so, with each passing year. The decision was really placed upon the basis of the same concept — of the valuation of an hour of our time, and times, together.

The reality is, so many of us are trying our best to achieve some kind of balance (or more meaningful cadence to our daily lives). What would you give to have just one more meaningful hour in your day? Doesn’t that sound like the best and most valuable gift of all — more time in your day? What if you took a moment to slow down before making commitments so you might convert valuable time back into your “presence” piggy-bank.

Now, imagine who you might gift those reclaimed hours back to in the form of sharing an experience, or simply dedicated time, together. The opportunities are abounding and certainly a part of leaping in to the new year with gusto.

Perhaps if we all stopped (even for a moment) to pause and ask ourselves, “what is the value of an hour of my time?”, we might just find that presence is far more valuable than ribbons, tags, boxes, or bags.

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