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R-words are All the Rage

Ed Oleksiak
Ed Oleksiak
Sr. Vice President, Employee Benefits

It all started when Republicans got elected on a Repeal & Replace platform. When getting Rid of Obamacare became Rancorous, the Reaction of some was to embrace Reconciliation and Repair. Then the Russians Redirected the Repartee. Regardless, the Race to Remove Obamacare Remains on course. Right-wingers are suffering Ridicule at Rallies and town halls, but Retreat isn’t an option, especially as tax Reform is next on their list.

Remember to get some R&R and keep your Rolaids handy…there’s enough Resentment brewing in Congress that the next act will be Rated-R.

Don’t believe me? Join Den Bishop and I as we give you the scoop on the Repeal & Replace legislation and its impacts on the nation, businesses, and employee benefits. We’ll be hosting a “can’t-miss” webinar on March 29. Click here to Register. It’ll be worth your time. Really!

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