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Keeping Our Fingers on the Pulse of Cyber Security

Ross Ingersoll
Ross Ingersoll
Executive Risk & Cyber Account Executive, PC

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You made it — well, to the last installment in our 7-part Cyber Security Risk blog series anyway. Throughout the series, we’ve detailed various topics covering the cyber perils companies face, what you can do to best prepare for these dynamic threats, and how Holmes Murphy can be your partner to equip you with cutting-edge resources, and knowledge.

Because cyber is such a critical topic for all companies in today’s ever-changing environment, I wanted to do a quick look back at the most important items to remember from our series and resources available to you through our TechAssure partnership.

The Evolution of the Cyber Landscape and Threats Businesses Face

Recent cyber events have showcased two alarming trends:

First, the cyber threat landscape has shifted from data threats to operational threats. It’s become much more lucrative to cyber criminals to hold your operating systems (and bottom lines) hostage vs. threatening to steal your data, which has made cyber threats relevant to all industries.

Second, attacks on 3rd party service providers are on the rise. Outsourcing data or IT processes do not eliminate cyber threats for your organization.

The Importance of a Cyber Breach Response Plan

One of the most critical steps to cyber risk readiness is being prepared before an event happens. Simply put, it’s critical you have a cyber breach response plan in place.

Our eRisk Hub provides a step-by-step checklist to give you guidance while you are developing or updating this plan.

Think before You Click: A Lesson in Ransomware

There has been a significant rise in ransomware attacks over the past two years, and it’s become a top concern amongst businesses. To address ransomware, we have resources available to you including a 12-point ransomware survey, ransomware stress test, and access to ShadowNet, which is a comprehensive risk management and insurance program.

Phishing – Don’t Take the Bait

Employees are your biggest assets, but when it comes to cyber security, they can also become your biggest liability. Prioritization of a security-centric culture at every level of your organization has been a leading indicator to mitigate cyber threats. We offer employee training modules on anti-phishing, password security, and security while working remote.

Did You Select the Right Cyber Liability Policy Limit

An important aspect to any comprehensive cyber security risk management program is making sure you have a robust cyber liability insurance policy to protect you in the event you experience a cyber incident. However, the variance and lack of standardization in the cyber insurance marketplace can make this challenging.

Homes Murphy is here to help you tackle this challenge by tailoring insurance policies to fit your unique needs, as well as provide benchmarking data to gear you with the information necessary to make prudent insurance purchasing decisions.

How Secure Are You from Cyber Security Threats?

We are aware threats exist, but with how quickly everything is evolving, you may be asking yourself “How secure am I, really?” Holmes Murphy offers dynamic loss control resources including vulnerability surveys based on your unique cyber posture, coupled with an independent security engineer assessment of the survey. This second opinion never hurts and empowers you and your organization to make informative decisions relating to your cyber security controls.

Learn More by Reaching Out

The cyber world can be confusing, but it’s what we do best! Whether it’s reviewing security best practices, deciphering policy language, or providing loss analysis and benchmarking reports, Holmes Murphy is here to equip you with the resources and knowledge necessary to keep your organization resilient from cyber threats.

For more information on how Holmes Murphy can assist in improving your cyber security posture and provide value-added vulnerability assessments, don’t hesitate to reach out! We have cyber experts on hand to help and can walk you through all of the resources available, including the free eRisk Hub.

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