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Corporate Culture

Keepin’ it ‘Reel’ with Our PEOPLE

Heidi Buttolph
Heidi Buttolph
Business Development Consultant, Organizational Engagement

We’ve got some competitive personalities at Holmes Murphy (all in good fun, of course). But, because of that…we need your help!

Here at Holmes Murphy, we don’t sell insurance; we sell our cumulative knowledge and experience. The company with the best talent wins — that’s why we’re committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the best PEOPLE in the insurance business.

“Delivering peace of mind for our customers” is our PEOPLE living out our mission by making a difference to promote health and protect wealth. We’re very proud of the 700+ “difference makers” throughout our 12 locations.

Why Holmes Murphy you might ask? Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by PEOPLE smarter than you who challenge you to think differently and make you better personally and professionally as a result? It’s the culmination of our thought leadership — their knowledge and experience — that challenges our clients to think differently in an effort to make their business better.

It all comes down to knowing the PEOPLE at Holmes Murphy who are making a difference on your behalf every day. Reading these very blogs is a great opportunity to hear and learn from our thought leaders. However, if you really want to know us better, then you have to check out our Thought Leader videos. They’re short, sweet, and to the point…and real “reels” of our PEOPLE.

Here’s where we need your input. I’d be curious if you have a favorite video? Our competitive personalities are vying for the most views of their video (and for you to learn a little about them along the way!). Go ahead, feed our competitiveness — and let’s see who wins. Watch the videos and comment below!


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