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It’s a (Safety) Process

Kevan Bakewell
Kevan Bakewell
Vice President, Enterprise Loss Control, PC

Transforming a safety culture is a process, not a program. That statement might be new to some of you…and to others, you might be nodding your head saying, “Yep, we agree, Kevan.” What I mean by this is when the process is undertaken systematically and with authentic commitment (in organizations large or small, enterprise-wide or in individual locations), qualitative change produces dramatic measurable improvements.

Changing the culture means changing norms, assumptions, and perceptions, not just behavior, policies/procedures, training, and equipment. And the process takes years, not months. With the right tools and some patience, the culture change process is a manageable sequence of concrete activities.

So, where should your company look to change or improve your safety culture? I recently created a 2-minute video discussing the importance of approaching culture change from all angles. Check it out…

What do you think? Do you agree? Are you interested in learning more about Holmes Murphy’s Safety Culture Survey or have questions on how to get the process started? Feel free to reach out; I’m happy to help!

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