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Insurance: You Learn Something New Every Day!

Kari Sampson-Berry
Kari Sampson-Berry
AVP, Placement Consultant

When I became a mom for the first time, I was so excited for my daughter to learn all new things. Her first rollover, her first steps, her first word, her first tooth, her first day of kindergarten, and the list went on and on. We recorded every “first” in her baby book. We did the same for my second daughter. We wanted to record all of their firsts, so they would know when these things occurred since they were too young to remember. Perhaps you’ve done the same.

Insurance Has a Lot of ‘Firsts’

For those of you in the insurance field (carriers, agents, brokers — you get the point), I’m sure you didn’t necessarily go through school and college thinking, “I will end up in Insurance as a career!” But here we are. So, let’s talk about it a bit.

Just like with parenting, with insurance you have many firsts. And honestly, it seems like the firsts never stop. Each day, you can experience something new.

Think about it a bit. Perhaps you’re meeting a new employee or coworker on their first day. Maybe you’re taking an insurance course test for the first time. You may also be a very tenured employee and approached by a new type of client that would be a first for you in that industry.  Really, every day in insurance could be a new opportunity you’ve never dealt with before.

If you’re like me, you’ve found out there is never a dull moment in insurance. So, I’ve learned to take every day as a new opportunity to learn something new, and I try and remember to also pass it along to another employee/client who may have also never experienced it.

I also keep these tips in my back pocket:

  • Always learn
  • Always have an open mind to new things
  • Always be willing to share these firsts with others

How about you? Whether you’re in insurance or not, are you in a position where you learn new things every day? If yes, it certainly keeps our lives interesting, doesn’t it?!

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