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How My Son’s Soccer Coach Helped Me See the Possibilities of 2021

Lori Hart, PhD
Lori Hart, PhD
Director of Educational Initiatives

I am thrilled to report my son made the varsity soccer team as a freshman. Truth be told, I don’t think he made the team, because he was the best player. I think he made it, because the coach saw his ability to show up and do his best. Some might call this “grit.”

Tryouts were scheduled for January; however, the coach offered an intense 10-day “practice” period in December. It consumed my son’s holiday break. Watching him practice made my legs hurt. He would come home and collapse in a hot bath. But he never complained. He was always the first on the field and the last on the field during those 10 days. The coach recognized that. I think it makes my son coachable, because he is showing up with the right attitude.

The best part of being a high school parent is you no longer communicate with the coach, but you are copied on their communications to the team. And this coach has some good emails and advice!

Two coaching tips I recently took to heart:

Never ever, ever, turn your back on the ball. And, never turn your back on your opponent.

Everyone will lose the ball. It’s inevitable. Never put your head down and pout after you lose the ball. Take five hard steps and win it back. Stay in the moment.

So, let’s connect this to 2021 with a new year, the promise of a vaccine, and possibly a return to normal. How can we apply this information both personally and professionally? Here’s what I’ve done. Maybe you’ve done the same!

Never Turn Your Back on the Ball

There has been a big focus within Holmes Murphy on the word “capabilities.” I have made this my word for 2021, in all areas of life, not just work.

From a work perspective, Holmes Murphy Fraternal was able to roll out some interactive Web-based resources for clients in January because of our focus on our capabilities. If you’ve used those resources, I hope you find them helpful!

Truth be told, I have recently become lazy during the pandemic with some of the rituals that play an important role in my life. I know I am capable of more. I just need to keep the eye on the ball. I am putting energy in this area, even as I type this blog.

So, what can you take from this? Keep your eye on what is important to you in your personal and professional life. Keep asking yourself “What am I capable of in 2021?”

Everyone Will Lose the Ball. Take Five Hard Steps

I have felt this lesson within Holmes Murphy Fraternal.

Last fall, our team worked hard — like REALLY hard — to secure a new client, and we lost it in the end. It hurt. It still doesn’t make sense. But, we put it behind us and began 2021 with two good leads and we begin again. Just like my son has some grit in his soccer game, we have to apply that same grit within our professional experiences every single day.

I have also watched friends, Holmes Murphy team members, and a country lose over 400,000+ American lives in this pandemic. So much has been lost. I don’t want to ever minimize that or for us to forget the loss of so many. I have watched so many who have lost friends and family take the hard steps to figure out how to move ahead. For those who have experienced loss, I am truly sorry and my hope and prayer is 2021 will bring you some peace.

Perhaps you find advice in the craziest of places, too. My son’s coach definitely opened my eyes heading into this year, and maybe, just maybe, some of this helped you as well! Thank you for allowing me to pour out my thoughts in this blog, and let’s all continue to hope and work toward a brighter 2021!

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