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Here Comes the…Wedding Insurance…

Madelyn Newland
Madelyn Newland
Client Executive, Property Casualty

Have a wedding coming up? Maybe it’s yours or a family member’s wedding. Maybe you have a friend getting married. Whatever the case, it’s a beautiful time of year to get married with all the fall colors on full display. But, with all the hustle and bustle that comes along with wedding planning, there may be one question that hasn’t been considered. Has an insurance agent been consulted? I know, it seems like an odd question, but let’s put it into context. You wouldn’t spend $30,000 on a car and not get insurance, right?! So, why not get insurance for a wedding?

Wedding insurance can cover the costs for the following:

  • Special attire — You can repair or replace the wedding dress or tuxedo if it is lost or damaged.
  • Lost rings — You can repair or replace wedding bands if lost or damaged.
  • Severe weather — If severe weather forces the wedding to be postponed, insurance can provide reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Transportation shutdown — Reimbursement is available if a necessary and unavoidable cancellation or postponement of the event occurs. Reimbursement is available for transportation, food, catering services, property and equipment rentals, hall and locations rentals, and more!
  • Ruined pictures — If the photographer’s film or data storage is defective or negatives are lost or damaged, insurance can help cover the cost to retake new photos.
  • Damaged gifts — You can repair or replace the cost of wedding gifts that are damaged.
  • Sudden illness — If the wedding needs to be postponed because sudden illness prevents the honorees or their immediate family from attending, you can receive reimbursement for certain non-recoverable expenses.
  • Venue requires insurance — You can add liability coverage to protect yourself in the case a guest is injured or causes damage to property.
  • Liquor liability — You can add liability coverage to protect yourself against liability arising from alcohol-related occurrences.
  • Additional expense — If a vendor suddenly becomes unavailable for the event and you can find a last-minute replacement, insurance can reimburse for the difference in cost.

Sounds pretty important, right? So, before the tune of “Here comes the bride” begins, make sure you, your family member, or friend checks into insurance first. It’s worth it to kick your “happily ever after” off without a hitch.

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