Dan Keough and Den Bishop standing around the words 'Care.Fully.'
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Susan Hatten
Susan Hatten
Chief Marketing Officer

What does it mean for a brand to evolve? Well, it’s been a journey for us. In fact, it’s been several years since Holmes Murphy underwent a rebranding, and if you had seen our previous creative platform, you might have classified it as playful, bold, and whimsical. That brand served us well for more than 6 years. Yet, we realized we’re embarking upon a new era in terms of brand, marketing, and the tone of the environment in our world — one in which our own brand needed to add depth of persona and to evolve to meet the needs of our company and where we’re headed.

Last week, Holmes Murphy announced a refreshed brand, anchored in Care.Fully., where we are illustrating our conviction to fully invest in our people, fully understand and advocate for our clients, and fully elevate the insurance industry.

Our imagery features our own people demonstrating their passion for what they do to serve our clients each and every day. Care is at the core of who we are and what we do, and we round out our brand persona with words like: Understand, Innovate, Believe, Grow, and Invest — all with full intent.

As a part of our brand launch, we activated a social and digital campaign to flood social media and spark excitement with our external audiences. We asked our employees to step up as brand advocates, to snap a photo of themselves holding a letterbox with their own “.Fully” word, and use the hashtag #HolmesMurphyFully. You may have seen this.

This initiative was met with terrific engagement by our employees, with an overwhelming proactive response. The posts our employees did as part of this #HolmesMurphyFully campaign were powerful, impactful, and authentic, and allowed social media to illustrate the hearts and minds of our people — our greatest asset. As the Chief Marketing Officer for Holmes Murphy, you can about imagine how I burst with pride over this type of engagement. It speaks to who our employees are — they are “all in.”

Our brand will continue to evolve over time, but our commitment to Care.Fully. will remain steadfast to our purpose and the continued growth of Holmes Murphy.

So, what does it mean to Care.Fully.? Let our Holmes Murphy people, culture, and brand show you! Feel free to reach out. After all, we’re better together!

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