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Distraction Free Is the Way to Be!

Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy
Vice President of Commercial Risk & Safety, Property Casualty

Each April, the National Safety Council observes Distracted Driving Awareness Month in an effort to make roads safer for everyone.

Here’s a little story about how one fictitious company got involved to make “Just Drive” a way of life in their operations.

A delivery driver just started his van,

Coming back safely was his only game plan.

But the roads had other ideas, I guess you could say,

And attention was needed, if safe he would stay.

As he began to deliver his critical freight,

He encountered risky behaviors at an incredible rate.

A driver was swerving while reading a map,

Another sped by with a dog in her lap.

Talking and texting were seen all around,

There was even a driver whose eyes had closed down.

Drivers were adjusting their hair and their tunes,

And had their visibilities blocked by a backseat of balloons.


But our driver returned to the shop safe that night,

Due to habits he learned from a training on site.

So, what were his tricks…you must make them known,

Because accident free is a result we should clone!

Here is what happened in the van on that day,

It’s really quite simple, I think you would say.

He had a good rest on the evening before,

And came focused and alert, with no chance to snore.

He adjusted all knobs before moving from Park,

Placed his phone out of view, as was his trademark.

His hands on the wheel and eyes on the road,

His mind on the task, through every ZIP code.

Mile after mile focused “just on the drive,”

Proceeding ever so cautiously until he safely arrived.


And your drivers, too, can have a similar fate,

With a little education, to which they all can relate.

Use the resources below and then you will cheer,

For an accident-free April, and rest of the year.


Want to learn more about safe driving for your own educational campaign? I’ve linked the National Safety Council’s free Just Drive materials here or feel free to reach out to our Holmes Murphy Loss Control team for more information!

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