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Did You Miss It? Holmes Murphy’s Most Popular 2019 Blogs

Holmes Murphy
Holmes Murphy

It doesn’t seem possible we’re well into 2020 already…can you believe it?! 2019 was most definitely a whirlwind year with so much happening at Holmes Murphy and within the industry. Because of that, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on what we talked about.

So, without further ado, here are the most popular blogs of 2019 in Employee Benefits, Property Casualty, company culture & employee engagement, and, of course, with “The Voter’s Guide to Healthcare.” Take a look…

4 Key Employee Benefits Blogs

You’ve probably seen the commercials. You know the ones…”Just OK is not OK.” What does that have to do with Employee Benefits? A lot. That’s just one of the top four Employee Benefits blogs of 2019.

Stay in Your Lane, Bro

Are you communicating clearly to your employees? In this article, Mark Fitzgibbons, Communication Director, provides 5 key elements to communicate clearly with your employees about complex information, like Employee Benefits. Get all of the tips here!

The AI Invasion

Everyone is interested in the future of healthcare. Artificial Intelligence (AI) I has the potential to change and improve the healthcare system. Leia Spoor, Senior Clinical Consultant, looks into the possibilities of AI and healthcare.

Bigger Is Not Better…Better Is Better

In this article Steve Harris, Development Officer, explains why size doesn’t matter. It’s about passion and purpose. Steve has three reasons why acting small is better than being a big company. Read his story here.

Is Your EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Enough?

EAPs are essential to your company, and they support your employees to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, our society has a stigma of asking for help, making EAPs scary and complex. Morgan Young, Vice President of Client Service, Employee Benefits, gives you some steps you can take to address your health plans.

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What’s Happening in Property Casualty?

Ever heard of a “ditch digger”? You likely have, just not described in that way. Check out why we’re talking about that term, as well as three other important Property Casualty topics of 2019 below.

Thank a Ditch Digger

Who is a “ditch digger”? Ditch diggers are the world’s builders. They build, wire, and weld buildings into existence. Unfortunately, they often go unnoticed, which is why Joe Tiernan wants you to #thankaditchdigger. Read his story here.

I’m from the Government, and I’m Here to Help!

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) often gets a bad rap as “enforcement agencies,” but they do so much more. In this article, Kevan Bakewell, Vice President of Enterprise Loss Control, PC, explains one unique aspect of OSHA that often gets overlooked.

Injured Employee – What Happens Next?

No one ever wants to have an injury while at work, but what happens when one occurs? Communication, trust, and education are keys to supporting your employees. Learn more about the best practices of injured employees from Megan Carpenter, Claims Consultant.

Challenged Accepted

How did a client’s challenge to solve an industry problem, hiring qualified construction safety professionals, change and influence CSDZ? Check out our answer to this challenge and the success of the Safety Leadership Academy in this article.

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Improve Your Culture & Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is HUGE. You simply must have it to be successful. So, what were the four top blogs of 2019 related to this? Check them out.

You have a Great Work Environment…But What about Your Culture?

Did you know work environment is different than company culture? Ali Payne, resident expert of organizational engagement, explains the difference and how you can make a difference.

Tornado Talk

After Holmes Murphy President Den Bishop’s home was hit by a tornado, he experienced firsthand how Holmes Murphy supports its team. Read his full story about the importance of company culture.

Employee Engagement: Out with the Old; In with the New

Every organization is striving to improve employee engagement. Colin McLain, Vice President, Employee Benefits, explains how impactful an internal communication strategy is to engagement. Check out these tips to get you started.

A Bit of Passion Goes a Long Way

In this article, Dan Keough, Chairman & CEO of Holmes Murphy, reflects on passion and its connection to purpose. Does your company inspire passion in your employees? Take a peek into Dan’s thoughts.

Voter’s Guide to Healthcare

Healthcare is the No. 1 most important issue to voters, and we know we need to talk about it. That’s why Den Bishop is doing just that. Check out his top four blogs of 2019 below.

Is a Healthcare Fix within Reach?

Healthcare impacts every one of us, but is it too complex to fix? Watch this video to find out!

Deeper Dive: The worst performing healthcare system in the world

In this article, Den Bishop takes a deep dive to answer: does the United States really have the worst healthcare system in the world for a developed country? It’s a little more complicated than you think. Learn his answer here.

Video: Why Is Healthcare So Political?

Healthcare has become a hot topic this election season. In this video, Den explains how the government and healthcare are connected. Take a look.

Who Is the Real Enemy in Healthcare?

When it comes to the complexity of healthcare, everyone has something (or someone) to blame, but what really drives healthcare? Discover the answers yourself here.