Property Casualty

Are You Positively Consistent?

Tim Leuck
Tim Leuck
Property Casualty

Owning, operating, managing, developing…action and transitive verbs…great stuff. While it’s highly unlikely my old English teacher (not to be confused with Ole English) is reading this, I would like to point out I did listen to her a few times during class.

I know, I know…this is a blog and not a language arts lesson…and I do have a point! The verbs I list are all key components within the Hospitality industry, specifically within the hotel/restaurant realm. Hospitality groups employ these components in their own way on a daily basis.

So here come the questions. Are you doing this in a consistently positive manner? Are you keeping tabs on the “sharing economy” that’s impacting so many different industries these days? What has been the impact on your RevPAR now that we’re seeing the “uberization” of the hotel industry with the growth of Airbnb? What are you doing to keep customers coming through your doors?

To take it a step further…what about culture? What do your employees say about your culture? Have they bought into the belief that consistently delivering a quality product is a key driver in performance? What are you doing to ensure said employees are actually buying in — every one of them? Culture can be a big driver in successfully owning, operating, managing, and developing a hotel, restaurant, or both. What does your culture say about you and your group?

This is usually an indicator of your risk management practices in place as well. Have you looked at how well your program matches your culture? Is it consistent? Are you willing to work together and be pushed to execute consistently?

There are many questions to be answered, and more to be asked. Are you “Thinking Ahead” about any or all of them as you continue to reach and exceed your goals?

At Holmes Murphy, we have a team that does just that! Our new Hospitality team takes pride in understanding and learning about your company and business. If you own, operate, manage, or are developing (see, there are those words again!) a property or properties, we would welcome an opportunity to meet with you. If you like, I could put together a little language arts quiz for you, too!

What it boils down to is this: Are you positively consistent in your business practices? If the answer is “no,” you aren’t sure, or you simply want to review your practices, reach out to us today…we’d love to talk with you. You can comment below or contact us directly!

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