2020 washing away into the ocean.
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A New Year…A New Chance

Kari Cooling
Kari Cooling
Sr. Vice President and Managing Director, Brokerage Services - Iowa

It’s a new year! Can you believe it? We’ve escaped 2020 and are in a fresh new year with all new possibilities.

In thinking about the kickoff to this year, I’ve never been one to get all focused on New Year’s resolutions. It’s just never been my thing. But, as 2021 came closer and closer, I can honestly say I got excited.

I think we all know that last year will go down as one to remember. But, I’ll tell you, it taught me quite a bit. In fact, I learned and grew from everything (good and bad) that happened. So much so, that I plan on taking some of the lessons learned with me into this new year.

Knowing that, I thought I’d take this blog opportunity to share with you a bit of my lessons learned. Maybe some of this will coincide with what you’ve learned and plan to put into practice. Maybe not. Either way…here goes!

Give Up Control

Yep, not everything is in my control. That became incredibly clear when all of a sudden I was working from home with three kiddos also in the house. And, you know, they would inevitably decide to come in screaming while I was in a meeting. Has this ever happened to you? Please tell me I’m not the only one! So, I’m carrying this with me into 2021 and will repeat to myself: “I am not always in control — and that’s OK!”

Practice Patience

While patience has never been my strong suit, having three kiddos working alongside me has required patience…and grace! With 12 months of new opportunity ahead, I plan to practice patience as much as I can. Not only will it make things easier (for everyone), it may even just help my mental health!

Take Care of Myself

You can’t be a great co-worker, parent, friend, spouse, you name it, if you don’t take care of yourself. If you haven’t read the book “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements,” I’d highly recommend it. I believe very firmly it’s not just your physical health that needs attention, and 2020 definitely proved that. Career, social and emotional, financial, physical, and community wellbeing are all incredibly important to living a full and healthy life.

Speaking of Community — Get Involved

Our communities need us more than ever. Giving back of time, talents, and treasures is so important. I personally believe you get more than you give when you are passionate about serving. I plan to keep this top of list.

Embrace Others, Listen, and Learn

Diversity and inclusion efforts across our communities and companies are in full force right now. In fact, for me, I immersed myself into learning in 2020 and have grown personally because of it. I still have work to do in 2021, and I look forward to activate what I know as much as I can.

Stay Positive and Be Resilient…I’ve Got This

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I don’t want to leave it off my list. Staying positive can be tough during difficult times. Hello 2020?!?! But, I’ve found that when I think positive and work on simply trying to be resilient in the face of confusion and disruption, I feel better…I give grace to others more easily…and I’m able to practice kindness in the midst of it all.

With all of that said…Happy New Year…and let’s make 2021 the best year yet!

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