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Corporate Culture

A Company-Paid Trip to Orlando for All Employees? Absolutely!

Dan Keough
Dan Keough
Chairman & CEO

You may be thinking, “No way. Holmes Murphy is seriously taking 600+ employees on a company-paid trip to the happiest place on Earth?” The answer is, “You better believe we are.”

If you know anything about us, you know Holmes Murphy invests a lot in our employees. We have several aspirations we live by, and CELEBRATE is just one of them. We genuinely find joy in the success of our customers, our colleagues, and others. We also take great pleasure in providing honest praise and encouragement to our employees…each and every one of them. The main reason for this? Our employees take care of our No. 1 priority — our customers. As a result, it simply makes sense to reward them to ensure they know they’re appreciated for the work they do every day ensuring our clients are well taken care of.

What does that have to do with the upcoming trip? Well, in 2010, we set a 5-year achievement plan in front of our employees. If the goals in the plan were met in 2015, we said the company would pay for all employees to head to Orlando in April 2016 for team-building and, of course, some fun. Well, we not only hit our goals, but we surpassed them.

I’m so proud of all of our employees. Every person in every department contributed…and still contributes…to our success. I attribute this all back to the culture of Holmes Murphy and our will to always put our clients and their satisfaction first.

At Holmes Murphy, we’re:

  • Fiercely independent and employee-owned.
  • Crazy about what we do. “Work hard, play hard, and love what you do and who you do it with” is a motto we live by.
  • Quick and nimble because we’re empowered to make the best decisions for our clients.
  • Passionate in challenging our employees to think differently about our future.
  • Obsessed with creating the customer experience. When recognized by our clients for providing exceptional service, we display footprints on our walls, tying directly in with our “Leave Good Footprints” aspiration.
  • Big on celebration. We celebrate successes — those of our clients and our employees. Case in point, the upcoming trip.

I’m fortunate to work for such a great company and with such amazing employees. Every chance I get, I’ll brag about the great work they do and how they truly care about our clients. And, I’m excited to CELEBRATE their success in a place where snow won’t be in the forecast (yes, that happens in Iowa…even in April)!

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