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3 Songs and Their Tie into Employee Satisfaction

Drew Engebrecht
Drew Engebrecht
Senior Vice President - Team Lead, Employee Benefits

Recently, when I was discussing work and what I was doing the next day, my wife told me, “you are one of the only people I know who genuinely love your job.” While I told her that was really nice, I figured that couldn’t be true. So, when I had the opportunity to write this blog, this is a subject I wanted to dive into a little more.

Honestly, the statistics out there are staggering! While I am not the only person to love their job, there is a large percentage of individuals in our country who are unsatisfied, disengaged, or generally unhappy with their work life. In fact, in a recent Gallup poll, I found the following:

  • 50 percent of workers reported feeling stressed at their jobs on a daily basis
  • 41 percent are worried
  • 22 percent are sad
  • 18 percent are angry

As we spend about a third to a half of our waking hours at work, these are tough numbers to swallow. So, the question becomes, how does a person not just survive, but actually enjoy the work they do?

How to Find Joy at Work

With the internet, you can find all sorts of ideas around this, but I wanted to give you my perspective on ways to find joy in your everyday work life that have helped me over the last 20 years (with a musical twist).

“With a Little Help from My Friends”

While many bands eventually break up (The Beatles included), many write about friends. This concept is important in the workplace as well. Since the pandemic, employers are looking at ways to increase retention and job satisfaction.

In a study by the National Business Research Institute, employee satisfaction skyrockets nearly 50 percent when a worker develops a close relationship on the job.

“Dream On”

Steven Tyler and Aerosmith tell us to dream until your dreams come true. But rather than just a “dream,” I feel it’s important to have both short-term and long-term goals for what you would like to accomplish. For example:

  • What do you want to accomplish today? Sometimes it may be as simple as marking things off your to-do list (very satisfying in my mind!).
  • Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? Do you know how to get there? If not, talk to others to ask.
  • Where are some areas you can grow? Can you take on different responsibilities to get you there?
  • Are there more people you can meet in your organization that can give you insight? I truly believe that most people are happy when they can help others succeed, so be vulnerable and ask others how you can get to where you would like to go.

“You Get What You Give”

Were the New Radicals ahead of their time in 1998 with this song? Maybe. The “golden rule” of workplace life is treating and doing to others how you would like them treat you.

While I understand there are stresses and deadlines in the working world, putting out positive energy in the form of compliments and thank yous helps to form workplace relationships and may mean you receive those back in the future. And, it certainly helps to improve the culture and workplace conditions. Remember, we spend a LOT of our time at work, so putting good energy into your day is important.

Boost Workplace Engagement with Holmes Murphy

What do you think? Am I “Crazy” like Gnarls Barkley or does this have the “The Right Stuff” like NKOTB.

Now, for the record, I am not saying you should stick it out if you are dealing with a toxic work culture where you are not valued as a team member.

If that’s the case, I invite you to hear ways Holmes Murphy is partnering with great organizations and working to bring value to them and their employees. Happy to help — so “Call Me Maybe.” Or, if it’s easier, reach out to this way and let’s chat.

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