Has this happened to you? It’s the end of the day and you’re zapped. You’re happy to be home with your family, connecting with friends, or recharging alone, but you find yourself returning to your mental to-do list. You know you were busy and focused, but it doesn’t feel like you gained ground. It’s the professional equivalent of a day on the treadmill, but are you really running in place or did you improve at your job and make an impact?

It’s hard to self-assess from day to day, both at an individual level and as an organization. There’s a reason year end meetings and annual reviews are a standard part of most jobs — looking back at your months and year brings the gains or loss into focus in a way a daily commute home can’t do – or at least that’s my experience.

The end of the year provides an opportunity to reflect as we look ahead to a new year.

It can be easy to focus on what didn’t quite go as planned. I try to remind myself that our personal and collective wins as well as the challenges made us better and more prepared for the future. So, while this blog is less about insurance advice and more reflective in nature, I thought it’d be a great way to complete my last blog of 2023 — looking back and forward.

Pause and Reflect on What You Learned This Year

Think about the highlights and obstacles of the year— what lessons will you take with you into the new year and what can you leave behind?

Here are a few of the takeaways I plan to keep in mind for 2024.

Time and Effort Create Expertise

Instant gratification has become the norm, and it can sometimes feel like quality time and effort have fallen away. But even when it’s the opposite of what we want to do, there are few things more effective than having the patience to stay your course and refine your strategy.

Consider how much easier it is to solve a problem you’ve solved before — that’s experience at work. Problems become tasks with experience. Plus, sometimes what we think is an issue is just something new.

New Challenges Are Growth Opportunities

We all faced new challenges in 2023. In the insurance industry, we saw:

Change is a part of every industry. It’s what helps us improve and makes us better at our jobs.  It’s what creates opportunity. The best part is that we’ll be ready to address these challenges in the year to come while keeping an eye on new challenges 2024 will have in store for us.

One thing many issues have in common? They can usually be solved with the help and perspective of those you trust, which is why…

Teamwork Matters

The past few years have been a stress test for our colleagues, clients, partners, families, and communities. A quick glance at the news confirms that the world is uncertain, complex, and volatile. Not all relationships can handle the pressure, but the most important connections will become even stronger when you work together to find solutions.

There’s still a need for teammates to have each other’s back, even when it seems like everything is going well. But being a good colleague, partner, and leader isn’t something that can be checked off a to-do list. It requires time and effort (sound familiar?). It’s less about accomplishing a task and more about strengthening relationships.

Cheers to Another Year of Growth and Goals

Now, think about this: It’s the end of the day and you’re satisfied with your work. You’re happy to be home with your family and spending time with friends because, even though there’s more work to do tomorrow, you have trust in your team. Your days are busy, but you know what your priorities are and feel confident your work matters and you’re getting better each day.

These are the moments I’m striving to have more of in 2024.

Are these the moments you’re striving for? What advice do you have to accomplish it all? I’d love to hear your perspective. Reach out today.