“Why are our healthcare costs going through the roof?”  It’s the call you don’t want to receive, but if you’re involved in employee benefits, you probably have at some point. I’ve been there myself. It’s not hard to provide the facts — that’s the easy part. “We had a big spike in emergency room usage.” “Outpatient claims are up.” Or, like many employers, “Our plan just had several large claims come through.”

While the first question isn’t fun, this dreaded follow-up question is much harder. “So what should we have done to prevent this from happening?” This is where many get trapped and scramble for an answer.

Rising healthcare costs aren’t just temporary bad luck. After all, there’s been a 25 percent increase in claims over $1 million in the last year according to the most recent Sun Life Stop-Loss Research Report. The No. 3 spot for the most common condition was chronic/end-stage renal disease, most commonly caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. Plus, a staggering 1 in 3 Americans are at risk for this disease.

So what can you do about it?

Lastly, reach out to us! We have a thorough understanding of what you’re going through, and there probably hasn’t been a question we haven’t addressed. Don’t ever feel like you have to figure out these turbulent healthcare times by yourself.