Construction 2021

Construction is a complex risk business. Every company and project has its own set of risks including new processes and technologies, onerous contract obligations, design and professional responsibilities, skilled labor shortage, regulatory issues, and the health and safety of employees to name a few.

Since our inception in 1932, Holmes Murphy has been in the construction business. Construction is the largest industry segment we serve, and our team is 100% focused on helping our clients navigate risk.

Our Approach to Risk Management

Holmes Murphy’s construction team focuses on your business, culture, and vision using our proprietary service approach, Understanding ART. Through Understanding ART, our construction experts will create an actionable Impact Plan supporting your organizational objectives, enhancing your risk profile, and managing costs. The result is a comprehensive risk management and insurance program tailored to your business supporting your business goals and company culture.

How do we do this?

Through dialogue and assessments with your leaders. Our team will focus on your business and people using interactive conversation and key performance indicators that dive deep into your corporate and risk management goals and objectives to gain a better understanding of your history, vision, and culture. Creating business alignment can bring value to you.

Loss Control

Avoiding risk is what our safety experts excel at. Our team works with yours to identity, avoid, and mitigate risks by creating an actionable plan with strategies to protect your employees and business while aligning with your strategic goals to facilitate an environment of high engagement and accountability.

Claims Management

Claims happen, and in construction, they can be complex. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome. From basic claim communication to proactive Return to Work strategies, planning and preparing for loss before it can occur is our goal.

Insurance Services

Using our dedication to construction and a broad understanding of the industry, our team’s job is to create alignment of your business objectives with risk transfer strategies to fit your tolerance, support your risk management goals, and protect your bottom line.

One Construction Community You Can Trust

With a commitment to construction, our team is ready to help yours build confidence and leave doubt in the dirt. Reach out today!

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