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Our Holmes Murphy Thought Leaders are continually looking for ways to educate on industry initiatives and happenings. Check out our On-Demand Webinar library below!

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Be an Informed Healthcare Voter
Healthcare is one of our country’s biggest challenges.
Holmes Murphy President Den Bishop’s goal with this session is to simplify and educate so you won’t be swayed, moved, or manipulated by fake news or truth-twisting campaign promises.
Cyber Insurance: Is It Worth It?
Data breaches are scary and uncharted territory for today’s businesses.
Join Miles Weis, AVP, Executive Risk Practice Leader, for a 20-minute webinar that will shine light on cyber breaches and highlight the resources available to protect your business from these growing exposures.
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Fleet Risk Management: The Cost of Doing Business
If your company is involved in a collision that costs $10,000, do you know how many claim free miles your trucks will need to travel to cover the expense?
Join us for a webcast that will raise awareness to your safety operations, including trucking regulations, hiring and training practices, substance testing, and more!
Four Steps to Better Manage Workers’ Comp in a Multilingual Business
Risk management shouldn’t be a foreign language.
Join us for a webcast that will walk through four simple, but essential steps to take to better navigate through language skills, sensitizing supervisors, translators, and training with language differences.
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Multinational Insurance 101
As if stateside risk management isn’t complex enough, throw in overseas exposure and you’ve got a challenge ripe for the taking.
Join us for a webinar that will walk through the genesis of becoming a multinational risk client, how to identify if your company has an international exposure, and multinational insurance 101.
Contracts: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly
Contracts are an inevitable part of doing business and — if they’re done right — should work to protect your business and its assets.
Join us for a 30-minute webcast where you will learn best practices and unique issues to look for in reviewing a contract, including ways Holmes Murphy can help.
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Part 1: How to Build a High Performance Team
Preventing injuries, saving lives, recognizing errors and improving production & processes ultimately starts with leadership.
Join Holmes Murphy & Bob McCall for the first part of a two-part webinar series, which will walk through the foundational elements of building a high performance team.
Part 2: Leadership Principles of a High Performing Team
Preventing injuries, saving lives, recognizing errors and improving production & processes ultimately starts with leadership.
Join Holmes Murphy & Bob McCall for this second part in a two-part webinar series, which will walk through the leadership principles necessary to drive culture, expectations, and behaviors.
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When Risks Outweigh the Benefits: How Opioid Abuse Affects Your Workplace
As an employer, you know this: the health of your employees has an impact on your bottom line.
Join us for a 30-minute webinar that will provide employers with tips and understanding of how to address opioid misuse, increase awareness of opioid risks, and ultimately support employees with the programs to prevent and manage opioid abuse.
Me Too & Corporate Culture: Is Your Company Fostering a Culture of Transparent Accountability?
The “Me Too” movement ignited a media firestorm that brought to light hundreds of stories of harassment in the workplace.
Join us for a 30-minute webinar that will walk through the Avoid, Reduce, and Transfer segments of corporate culture and transparent accountability.
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Effective Insurance Claims Management for Business Interruption
The threats may be changing, but the result stays the same — Business Interruption is one of the top risks for companies year after year.
Join Holmes Murphy and Michael Skweres for a two- part webinar series that will walk through the pre- and post-loss of Business Interruption risk.
Into the Breach: Responding to a Cybersecurity Incident from Start to Finish
Learning from a real data breach after it happens is painful and can leave your company with more questions than answers.
Join a panel of experts from Dickinson Law, Holmes Murphy, and SBS Cybersecurity who will share tips to properly prepare and reduce your risk of a cyber breach and equip your company with the right tools and resources to minimize damage after a breach takes place.
fleet risk management
Safety Culture Assessment Process: What is a Safety Culture?
A safety culture is an organizational culture that places a high level of importance on safety beliefs, values, and attitudes.
Join us for this webinar where you’ll leave with seven concrete steps to begin the safety culture assessment process.
Costs of An Aging Workforce: Prepare Your Fleet & Drivers for a Safe & Productive Environment

Did you know that by 2020, it is expected that a quarter of the U.S. workforce will be age 55 or older? Join experts from Holmes Murphy and National Transportation Consultants (NTCI) for a panel discussion where they will share street smart solutions, unknown requirements, and from-the-field recommendations – including best practices for maximizing your aging 50+ workforce.
Everything You Think You Know – But Don’t – About Captives
To be bold – and we’re going to just come out and say it – Holmes Murphy Group Captives are the bees knees.
Check out this webcast created for privately-owned businesses looking to stabilize insurance costs, turn a large business expense into a profit center, and become an owner and shareholder of a private insurance company.
A New Era of Employment Law: Sex, Drugs, and Money
The impact of the “Me Too” movement and sexual harassment issues in the workplace, along with new cannabis and wage theft laws have employers raising concerns about discrimination lawsuits and potential impacts of safety on the job.
Watch this webcast to obtain tips on how to address and prepare for these issues at your company, stay compliant with the law, and find resources to help your company mitigate risk.
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Tips from an Attorney: Preparing a Cyber Incident Response Plan
Does your company use technology? If so, you’re at risk for a cyber breach!
Join our in-house attorney and advisor, Kyle Hougham, for a 20-minute webinar on how to prepare a tailored Cyber Incident Response Plan for your business.
Executive Risk Policy Guide: What You Don’t Know May Cost You
How much do you know about Executive Risk insurance policies?
Understanding the coverage terms, conditions, and policy mechanics will assist you in avoiding unnecessary roadblocks and preclusions to coverage that may have otherwise been available.