• Special Events Coverage

    How do I cover a Special Event?

    Special event coverage is a General Liability policy that is purchased to insure a specific function or activity. In working with a fraternity or student organization exposure it is a recommendation of Holmes Murphy that a special event policy be purchased under the following conditions:

    • Any event/function where alcohol will be present, and the guest to member ratio exceeds 3 to 1
    • Any event /function involving athletic events or competition
    • Any event that involves any activity that is deemed to be potentially hazardous by your advisory team, alumni/ae board or house corporation, headquarters staff or Holmes Murphy representative

    If alcohol is present at the event, then the coverage purchased should include “host liquor liability” coverage. If the event is an athletic competition, the coverage purchased should include “participant legal liability” coverage.

    If the special event you are planning is a social function, concert or similar activity, or if it involves athletic activity of any kind (intramural competition or fundraiser involving athletic/sporting events) please complete the Special Event Application and submit via facsimile in a clear and legible copy to the attention of the Marketing Department at 1 (800) 328.0522.

    The form may also be submitted by means of a clear and legible electronically scanned copy to fraternalinsuranceapp@holmesmurphy.com, and may also be submitted by means of standard mail to the address provided below.

    Download a Special Event Application.


    Important information for Coverage

    It is imperative that you make application for coverage no less than 30 days before the event to allow ample time to receive a quotation, make premium payment and obtain needed proof of coverage. No coverage is guaranteed until you receive written confirmation from Holmes Murphy.


    Need any clarification or have questions regarding special event insurance coverage products?

    Please contact our office

    Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice
    Marketing Department
    13810 FNB Parkway Suite 300
    Omaha, NE 68154

    Phone: (800) 736.4327, ext. 4191
    Fax: (800) 328.0522
    Email: fraternalinsuranceapp@holmesmurphy.com