• Special Events Coverage

    What is Special Event Insurance?

    A Special Event Insurance policy is a short-term General Liability insurance policy that will cover a specific event you are hosting. It will only cover the event that your chapter organizes and schedules on a specified date or dates.

    When might I need Special Event Insurance?

    Special Event Insurance is often needed when functions “push” the boundaries or fall outside the scope of the organization’s Risk Management policy without creating a significant violation (e.g. a guest-to-member ratio exceeded). It may also be needed when the venue where the event will be held requires limits of liability that are greater than the chapter is provided through a national insurance program.

    Some events may be excluded from all Special Event Policy Coverage and for others, the cost can be prohibitive.

    See our Special Event Flyer for more information on the kinds of events we discourage. Please note that special event coverage will never be an option for events held at the Fraternity/Sorority chapter facility which the Inter/National organization won’t cover under its General Liability insurance policy.

    What are the steps to securing a special event?

    1. Please contact your Inter/National Fraternity office at least 30 days in advance to get information on planning guidelines and obtaining special event coverage.
    2. A Special Event Application must be completed and returned to clientservicerequest@holmesmurphy.com as well as providing copies of any contracts and other information about the event.
    3. Specific areas for event planning include: source of the alcohol, security, transportation, location, length of event.
    4. To help plan the event, we recommend using the Event Planning Guide located on our website.


    It is recommended that you do NOT sign contracts for the event until the event is approved by your Inter/National organization and you can secure a Special Event Insurance Policy. All contracts should be listed in the chapter name of the Inter/National organization. No coverage is guaranteed until you receive written confirmation from Holmes Murphy.

    Questions or Concerns?

    Holmes Murphy Fraternal Practice can assist your office or your undergraduate chapter directly with placement of special event coverage. Contact our marketing department at 800.736.4327 | fraternalinsuranceapp@holmesmurphy.com to discuss your options, or fax the completed application to 800.322.0522.