• Cyber Liability

    What is Cyber Liability Coverage?

    Cyber liability insurance covers data privacy, e-media and Internet liability, network security, infringement of intellectual property rights, and professional services. For an organization operating in today’s technology driven world, its computer network will more than likely provide internal and external email. Most have their own website providing information about the organization and even the possibility of e-commerce. Traditional liability products do not address Internet exposures, and the risks involved in Internet business have blossomed.

    By disseminating information to the public via a website, commercial businesses now have some of the same exposures as publishers. These include conventional publishing exposures such as copyright infringement, defamation, and invasion of privacy, as well as emerging exposures related to operating on the Web. The universe of potential plaintiffs is staggering, given the number of people and organizations that are currently accessing the Internet. A potential legal action from just one of them could be costly.


    Features of a Cyber Liability policy include

    Liability Coverage

    • Privacy Liability
    • Network Security Liability
    • Media, IP, and Content Liability
    • Technology Services Liability

    Expense (Loss Mitigation Coverage)

    • Data Breach Expenses
      • Public relations expenses, consumer notification, and credit monitoring service costs
      • Forensics/Investigations

    Direct (First-Party) Coverage

    • Revenue Loss
    • Data Reconstruction
    • Extortion Costs

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