• 09.27.22

    Coffee & Conversation | Youturn Health

    September 27 | 12:00 noon CT

    Resilience Across Student Populations – How to Address and Talk About Stress and Behavioral Health

    Students have some of the busiest lives – academic, social, volunteering, clubs, sports, and Greek life. With campus life more hectic than ever, it is easy to fall into unhealthy behaviors in the midst of a busy schedule.

    According to the American Addiction Centers, 97.8% of students reported that stress affected their mental health. Of those, 60% reported turning to alcohol and 25.9% reporting trying study drugs to cope with their stress. Campuses and organizations often offer support systems, but due to stigma or fear, students can be hesitant to seek help.

    Now, more than ever, organizations must have behavioral health, substance use disorder (SUD), and suicidal ideation resources readily available that students will actively use. It is important to destigmatize issues, encourage asking for help, and to engage those in need to address their struggles in a meaningful way.

    Join CEO Hamilton Baiden and CCO Rich Jones to learn more about this platform.

    In this session you will learn:

    • The significant impact of mental health issues on your organization
    • Effective techniques engage those dealing with stress and other behavioral health issues
    • How to engage those who normally would not come forward
    • Risk mitigation strategies to protect your organization
    • How organizations are incorporating innovative behavioral health programs to help foster positivity, awareness, and acceptance to lead to better health outcomes

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    Statistics Source: https://americanaddictioncenters.org/blog/college-coping-mechanisms