• 03.08.23

    Coffee & Conversation | The Number One Amenity For Greek Housing

    Revela and JLT Solution

    Wednesday, March 8 | 12:00 noon CT

    Please join Jim Stowe and Grant Drzyzga from Revela in a discussion with Luke Ottinger of JLT Solution on how to build a national Wi-Fi program that guarantees high speed service at each property

    Revela is an app that gives property managers a comprehensive set of tools for operating and understanding their business. This includes automated accounting, real time reporting, and streamlined communication tools.

    Grant Drzyzga is the founder and CEO of Revela, a property management software platform that specializes in managing the operations and finances for complex real estate portfolios, property management companies and fraternal housing at both the local house corporation and national housing corporation levels.

    A graduate of Brown University, Grant is a lifelong learner that enjoys tackling the complexity of the real estate industry by helping clients achieve growth and stability through a holistic tech and services offering.

    Jim Stowe is a Sigma Chi from Central Michigan University, where he earned a BS in Science, and a Masters in International Business. Jim sits on the Sigma Chi Housing Corp at CMU as well as  the founder of the recent start up CMU Greek Alumni Group and an active member in the Sigma Chi Detroit Alumni Chapter.

    JLT Solution is a Telecommunication Advisory and Consulting organization that has been successfully operating for 23+ years. JLT strategically holds 400 plus partnerships with the top Service Providers in the industry. This enables them to work with clients at zero cost to gather their requirements and then position the most reliable and cost-effective options the market has to offer.

    Luke Ottinger is the Vice President of JLT Solution and has been in the Telecommunication industry for 7 years. A graduate of Grand Valley State University, he entrenched himself in the Telecommunication industry with the goal of improving organizations use of Technology and provide innovative solutions that enhance operations.

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